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IT Applications for the Agricultural Extension Service with regard to the Federal Structure of the Administration Organization in Germany

Herausgegeben von: Hermann Bleiholder, Angelika Loeper
ISBN: 3-932987-01-2
Der Band beinhaltet 8 Beiträge

Dokument-Autoren Titel Seite
NlEDERELZ, P. The German Information System on Food, Agriculture and Forestry (FIS-ELF) - Tasks and Future Perspectives 1
POHLMANN, J. M. Collaborative Information Management in Decentral Organizational Structures 7
CARMANNS, R HIT - Central Database for the Registration and Tracing of Cattle in Germany 10
FRIEDRICH, H. AGRI-DOC - Document Management for Subsidies in the EAGGF 16
02 020 20
GROßMANN,K.; SCHAAF, T. VIP - Web-based Information System for German Agricultural Experimental Reports 21
ZINK, G.; SCHLÜTER, H. PIAF - Planning, Information and Analysis System for Field Trials 26
LAUX, W. Literature Information and Literature Supply for Agricultural Science in Germany 42